The Flights of ‘The Free Flying Eagle’ Neetu Chopra – Part 3

The Flights of ‘The Free Flying Eagle’ Neetu Chopra – Part 3

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Hey stubborn people! We are back here to continue with the stubborn tale of ‘The Free Flying Eagle’

In the previous part, our eagle saw some unexpected twists and turns but she never gave up, even in the phase where she had nothing, she stood strong. She came back and even stronger this time. 

Now she has taken the biggest risk of her life, she has left her whole career behind. She has relocated herself from Mumbai to Vadodra to support the wounded bird.

Today we are going to see how these two strong birds will fly against the winds of life. If you haven’t read the previous parts of the story, read the story through links given down below.

So spread your wings once again and be strong because we are going to fly against the wind with our free flying eagle…

Tap Your Toe- The next big thing

 After moving to Vadodra, we were surviving on the little savings I had. I once again needed to wreck my brain to find a new idea. I finally came to the conclusion that dance was the way forward.

During the wounded bird’s training, we came back to Rajasthan, our home land, to organize dance workshops for kids at different places. My plan on playing this gamble was that we will involve schools so that we don’t have to worry about bringing the crowd and in return we can give them a commission.




The workshops needed to be effective so we gave it a structure and a fixed curriculum, we brought krump(a dance style) to Rajasthan which was not famous at all at that time and in the end we planned a stage performance for kids so that their parents can actually see what these kids improved on. On the last day of every workshop, we called a celebrity dancer, the kids performed in front of the celebrity, this was a major attraction for people.

These workshops were a big success ,we did and amazing job in the execution of the plan and the result was pretty amazing. We even reached out to some really small towns and actually harnessed the potential which was never harnessed before.

When we organised a workshop in Bhilwara, I went to get some banners printed. On the shop I saw a pamphlet about an all Rajasthan dance competition, my ‘spidy’ sense just gave an alarm. The pamphlet had the names and contact details of places where the auditions were going to happen. I immediately picked the idea.

I called every place there was on the list to give me an audition day before that dance competition was happening. We kept the auditions free whereas the dance competition whose pamphlet I had was charging Rs.200, so we could win more crowd. The name of the competition needed to be lit so I came up with the name “Tap Your Toe”,



Now it was important to have a celebrity judge onboard to win the trust of audience. While her training the wounded bird had met so many celebrities. I thought why not we brand her as a celeb and we did so. She was branded as a big face of dance. For the finale I planned to call “Sushant Khatri”so we can give an actual grand image to the finale.




Now only one thing was left, a name for the company who organized the competition, wounded bird suggested that as I loved my mother and missed her so much why not give her a tribute with the name of my company. We played around with Neetu and Anju (my mother’s name), and came up with Nitanju Events and the first event of Nitanju Events was Tap Your Toe.

Tap Your Toe was a big success and Nitanju Events got established in the whole country as the popularity of event reached so many ears but it was not an easy task. To make Tap Your Toe successful we had to be on our toes and face some of the biggest names in the industry as they would never want us to succeed but we did everything we could and won ourselves a great dance competition. 

Flying higher than ever-before

Nitanju Events started to get a grip in the market, we did at least 100+ events in 6 months after Tap Your Toe with more than 200 different sponsors including schools, companies and individuals. I used to manage the wounded bird, I found the work and she would do it with perfection and that is how our partnership went on.

We got her back to back certifications in fitness, dance, ‘Zumba’, ‘Bokwa’ and what not.  In Rajasthan’s culture, fitness was never a priority so it was very difficult to convince people to spend for fitness, but I believe that if you are a good marketer then “You can sell a comb to a man with no hair”, so I went for it.


Then she trained 12 others in Bokwa and we aimed at the biggest event of Bokwa, The Sequence Shoot in Chennai. The dancers I had couldn’t afford the travel and other expenses so I brought sponsors and eventually we 13 people boarded a flight to Chennai to represent Rajasthan , in which 8 boarded a flight for the first time.

They looked at Rajasthan as a looser team, but this time we won the Wall of Fame award and gave a punch in the face to those who looked down upon Rajasthan. Also I got to know one thing about artist community, “Giving artist money is one thing but if you focus on their dreams then they would help you achieve wonders



Then we started conducting Bokwa sessions at amazing places and sponsors were always benefiting from the promotion we gave them so it was an even deal.  One of the most amazing sessions was at Fateh Sagar lake in which we had 1000+ participants and a lit audience, which was covered by all big media houses.

Just as we were on the peek of our careers the wounded bird and I again fell apart and this time it was too serious, and now I had almost no face value, The wounded bird was the face of Nitanju Events and I was the mind but if the face is not there then how will mind execute its ideas….

Giving birth to Winners

Don’t think that I am a mother now, winners was rather the name of the studio that I started in Bhilwara, Winners Studio where we actually sculpted winners. Bhilwara had shown immense potential for dance, when I organised workshops. So I decided to open the studio in Bhilwara.


Now after The wounded bird left, I was in a sorrow. I had learned that  “Nature healed me and gave me energy to take on something new”. So I took a break and went for a vacation.

I was chilling in the hills of  Munnar  where the thought that “As we always wanted to open a dance studio, so I should now go for it”. I drew inspiration from one of my friend’s studio in Vadodra but I needed artists. During my stay in Vadodra, I knew some people and then after sorting , two people who could actually work hard came in my mind, two talented dancers who struggled financially.



I came to Bhilwara finalized the place in a single day. Took a loan of Rs. 3,50,000 to build the studio and built the studio in 18 days with best in class facilities. In those 18 days, we did promotional events at 20+ schools where we gave performances that could inspire. We started getting registrations even before the opening of the studio.



On the inauguration we invited Rubber Boy Hardik Rawat, who was part of the World of Dance winning team ‘The Kings’. The studio started with full boost as it was the first exclusive dance studio in Bhilwara. We had every facility, a cook, a van for picking up kids, different activities on Sundays  and celebration of every festival along with the specially designed curriculum for each month .




The studio started to become very popular, then we started expanding and came into fitness and martial arts. I got people trained. Then we started  giving personal training and also made a small cross-fit in the studio. Then we entered the Wedding Planning market, this also started on a good note and we were getting good number of events.We earned hefty amounts doing these things.

Now till this point in life I had already learned to not to keep all eggs in one basket.

So side by side I organised events with many companies and NGO’s did projects with them and this was also a major part of my earning. On the new year of 2018 we had three new year events one of which was with The Aditya Birla Group.

 So Nitanju and Winners both were  heading sky high but…

Eagle to 'The Free Flying Eagle’

I only feel alive when I have something new everyday, and settling down is not my cup of tea.

We ran Winners for 2 years, we had enormous data of clients and even there were days when we hired trainers externally , to help us out of the work load. Everything was going pretty good. Till this point I had started to crave for something new.

I believe that universe’s energy channelizes itself towards whatever we think subconsciously. For two years there were never issues between the trainers and me but somehow we started to fall apart now, and eventually I had to shut down the studio. It was a big loss, as Winners was an important part of my career.

But I believed that “Any failure that comes just tells me that I am meant for something bigger”.

My ultimate satisfaction is that whomever I worked with got a platform and today when I look back at them, they are all well settled and doing great in their lives.

Now I was ready to take on something new………



Two things have pushed me out of every failure in life, right network and Strategy. Once again my connections came in handy as I was always in touch with my university. I started working with Hemu Mam, my professor. We got a  project by Pragya Foundation regarding Skill India, in Rural Areas.




Two things have pushed me out of every failure in life, right network and Strategy. Once again my connections came in handy as I was always in touch with my university. I started working with Hemu Mam, my professor. We got a  project by Pragya Foundation regarding Skill India, in Rural Areas.

I had to provide trainers for 2 places where 5 courses were going on, so I had 10 trainers with 2 people on backup. They were supposed to go to rural areas and teach there. I used to get a proper salary as a master trainer, so I used to earn well with this.

This project introduced me to social upliftment. I thought that I can make my own projects for social upliftment, as I had to face a lot for just getting educated and  wanted that no other girl to face that.

In other organisations what they did was 20% and rest 80% was just show off, I wanted to create an organisation that works 80% and does no showoff.



Keeping this thought in my mind I kept moving forward. Meanwhile there came an interview by NaamHyderabad in which My Interview was featured in Top young entrepreneurs. My story was featured in a Entrepreneur Magazine by ICAR. My popularity as an Entrepreneur started growing. I got a chance to give a session on Entrepreneurship in a NIDP program. 





It was my first experience as a professional speaker. the session was quite successful, I started my speech with a ‘rap’ and then went with the vivid experiences I had in my career. I told actual stories which taught me something. Stories are the best way of speeches as they make the audience attached to every line we speak.

This made me realize that Public Speaking was something I enjoyed and I can pursue it further.

I was moving in different directions to see what my calling was. Then I formulated another interesting project through which I can hone my public speaking skills and also motivate the most important asset of our country, our Youth.


I named the program, Youth Interaction Program, under which I traveled to different parts of the country to listen to the youth and their problems and provide them with solutions with my experience. Young people have a lot of mental health issues like anxiety depression due to various reasons like financial problems, break-ups and many more. During my bad days, I had reached a point where suicide seemed the only solution, in that phase I learnt to stand up again and with this program I wanted to spread that spirit.

When this was going on something struck me and changed my life forever…

Ride for Revolution
with the shout out Ladkiyon Ghar Se Bahar Niklo

When life was going all smooth , on November 27,2019 there came the news about the infamous “Hyderabad Rape Case” one of the most atrocious crimes committed against women of this

At one of my sessions with students in Jodhpur I arbitrarily just said that “I will ride solo to show our society that what we girls are capable of and inspire other girls with my journey.” When I later pondered about it, It seemed to be a great idea but I didn’t knew how to go about it. I started learning self-defense and with some customization, I created a way in which I could teach girls to be independent by learning self-defense. I went for a ride from Jodhpur to Jaipur, Rajasthan where I was contacted by Mr. Swaroop who is a member of RRC(Royal Riders Club, a nationwide club of riders), who got me associated to RRC. The I was contacted by a RRC member from Delhi as I was thinking of starting my voyage from Delhi. He suggested that I should do it from “Kashmir to Kanyakumari” as it was done never ever before and it would set a record.

Eventually I actually rode 4600Km in 18 days on an Activa 125cc Scooty, for which I was awarded a title in India Book of Records, I taught self defense and took sessions in 10 states and more than 35 cities. This changed my life and my perspective. I got to know the vividness of our country and also explored myself.

I even rode continuously without sleep  for one night during which I fell of the scooter once, but  stood up and got to know that I am unstoppable until I accept defeat.

I rode 570 Km in 10 hours which also gave an amazing feeling to accomplish.

After Ride for revolution I have took multiple sessions numerous interviews and one thing that I always say is that “Women can only be empowered when they leave their comfort zones and live life without caring about the illogical restrictions society imposes on them”.

Free Flying Eagle’s next flight

In this period of lock-down, we have created this platform Stubborn Stories, to bring out the stories hidden in our surroundings. Stories of people who might not be millionaire’s but have faced every challenge with their stubbornness, I always wanted to bring such people forward and then I found the correct way to do so and made Stubborn Stories. 

Also during more than a decade of being in event industry I have felt the plight of the artist community. The artist who are very talented and promising have to quit their passion to earn a living. I want to help them in reaching their full potential.

I have set up an organisation named NAYARA(Nitanju Association of Young Artist & Recreational Activities) under which we will work for the cause of artist community along with social upliftment, women empowerment and other social issues.

Also I have set up a platform named Hunarshala for artist where they can find actual scholarships and opportunities to train in the field they want to. Once they get trained then we will also give them different opportunities to shine through our events.


Being “The Free Flying Eagle”, My next goal in traveling and riding is to conduct rides with more and more women  to inspire them, so that they can change the society. I want to explore the most I can before my life ends. I believe that  “We only live once, then live it on your terms, not under the burden of society

All in All, I have just started and I am not going to stop anywhere in the future….

My message to you

In my story you would have seen various ups and downs, and saw how I learnt different lessons from every experience. One thing that was important everywhere was LEARNING!

Keep learning because you are never going to be perfect, there is always someone better than you, so never stop learning.

To all the girls I want to say “Come out of your comfort zones and then see how we change the society together.

So stubborn people this was the tale of ‘The Free Flying eagle’ Neetu Chopra. Her life was full of surprises but her spirit and stubbornness made her a great personality. We all should take home the lessons her story has taught us.

We will come back to with another stubborn tale till then 

Stay Home Stay Safe and Stay Stubborn       

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