Stories from the “Book of the World”

Stories from the “Book of the World”

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There are 7.58 Billion people in the World, that means there are 7.58 Billion Stories in the Book of The World. We Consider every Individual as a story. Everything on this Planet has their own Story, their Struggle, problems, Achievements.

Some Stories make their way on the front pages in the Book of the World and inspire other stories that remain unpublished. From these unpublished stories some with the stubborn heart, would make it in the next edition, & others remain un-recognisable.

We Stubborn Stories, in this Photo Blog will show you the kind of stories that remain unpublished and hidden.

Large number of stories are being killed even before they are born. Those who survive are not allowed to write their own story of life.

Some stories plays an Important role in the Society & sacrifice their own story to make other’s recognized.

Some had to fight vigorously against all odds to get recognized.

With the Immense Growth of technology and Fashion of social media & Chatting groups, the stories of local traditional practices are on the verge of vanishing.

These stories have dreams in their eyes but they need to be stubborn and have a long way to get recognized in the book of the World, some are not even allowed to dream.

 Some can’t even afford to be a story

Some are on the way to get recognized.

We at stubborn stories work hard every minute to bring such stories and to make them heard all around the globe. Many of these have done amazing things but they just can not reach out. Let’s join hands to extract these stories from wherever they are hidden.


If you have a “stubborn story” or someone you know has a tale that can inspire millions then, feel free to Contact Us .

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