How a Story is Published?

How It Works

From Writer to Reader: An Overview of the Story Publishing Process

Your tale might have the power to change a million lives. That’s why our team puts in every effort to tell your tale in the best possible way.

Working Process

Basic Details

First you will share your story with us through Contact section of this website.
If your story makes the cut and we decide to feature your story.
Our team will coordinate with you in 48 hours.


After the initial contact, our creative writer will contact you and hear your story in full detail so that we will be able to analyse your story and bring out the absolute best moments out of your journey so that reader gets to read an exceptional story.


Our writers will draft a story in both Hindi and English. They will be elaborating your journey in the most inspiring way. The story will be shared with you and whatever edits you suggest will be done on the same day.

If you like the writer's work you can voluntarily contribute Rs.1500, so that the writer doesn't leave empty handed.


We will be scheduling a video interview with you which will take about 2 hours. A host from our side will be taking your interview .


After the completion of the above five steps we will feature your story along with your video interview on our platform on a particular day.
We will put in every effort to make your story heard worldwide.


Along with posts and videos from our side, the story can reach more people if you will also share it.

We will be really glad if you can make a appreciation video, if you like our work.

Stubborn stories is still a seed and with your support it will soon be a fruitful tree.

Publishing Your Stories


Every one has their own story but if you think that you are the one who never gave up and faced every challenge with every breath then we would love to hear your story. Use our platform to give a stage to your story, someone may get a life lesson from your tale, so share your story & Click on the link down below.