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From Writer to Reader: An Overview of the Story Publishing Process

Anyone who feels that his story is a “Stubborn Story” can fill the form in the Contact section of this website. Our team will soon get in touch with you to hear more about your story. Then if we find you story to be inspiring we will share your story on our platform and If the tale is completely extra ordinary then we will conduct a live session on all our social media handles with you so your story can inspire millions of people.

First you will submit your story to us through Contact section of this website. Through your given details and story our team will review you story and if the story has the x-factor of stubbornness then our team will co-ordinate with you for further process.

Our creative writer will contact you and hear your story in full detail so that we will be able to analyse your story and bring out the absolute crux moments out of it so that reader gets to read an exceptional story. We agree on both you writing the story or we writing your story but if we write the story then we will have to charge a nominal amount so that the writer who writes the story doesn’t go home empty handed.

If you want our writer to write your story creatively and to create story that is exceptional then you will have to bear a nominal cost. Our writer will share the story with you and will make changes as per you recommendations and the story will be edited perfectly. 

If you write your story yourself then we will edit the story as per our platform standards and will check our edits with you.

Also we will add pictures to your story in this phase. The pictures you will provide us will be reviewed and added to the story as required.

We will feature your story on our website and try to make the whole world listen to your story. We will share your story with millions of people who will get inspired by these stories. Your story will guide numerous people who might be stuck in the same situations as you were at a time.

We will increase the reach of your story by promoting it through our various social media handles and channels. 

If your story is just exceptional then we will conduct Live Sessions with you on our Instagram & Facebook handle. Also a video of this session will be uploaded to our Youtube channel.

Publishing Your Stories


Every one has their own story but if you think that you are the one who never gave up and faced every challenge with every breath then we would love to hear your story. Use our platform to give a stage to your story, someone may get a life lesson from your tale, so share your story & Click on the link down below.