About Us

We find stories of some of the most stubborn people who never gave up and remained stubborn. Every story here might not be of a millionaire but every person here is the one who  fought against life with every breath. We give you stories that not only inspire but show you the way forward. So come let’s hear from people just like us but much more stubborn….

What is Our Objective

Our aim is to bring out the stories of people who are just like us they may not be millionaires but there persistence is that of a warrior. Their stories just remain unheard but we want the world to listen to these. We want  our reader to not only get motivated by these but to draw guidance from these tales. We want that every tale we tell should have the stubbornness of a rock ,wisdom of an old tree and flexibility of water with the fire of passion.

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Publishing Your Stories


Every one has their own story but if you think that you are the one who never gave up and faced every challenge with every breath then we would love to hear your story. Use our platform to give a stage to your story, someone may get a life lesson from your tale, so share your story & Click on the link down below.