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समाज की अँधेरी राहों को अपनी किरणों से रोशन करती , डॉ मरियम मेहर

हमारे जिद्दी दोस्तों ! हम लौट आयें ज़िद से जन्मी एक और दास्तां लेकर जो आप में  जोश और  जुनून का संचार तो करेगी ही अपितु  आपमें   स्वदेश के लिए कुछ करने की भावना भी जागृत कर देगी | हमारे देशके ‘मिसाइल मैन’ डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम एक अत्यंत प्प्रेरणादायी वाक्य कहा करते थे,    […]

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Stubborn Stories is an initiative by NAYARA ( Nitanju Association of Young Artist & Recreational activities)  managed by Kaps Creations & Designing bulls  to unveil the  hidden stories of people who remained headstrong and faced every difficulty in their path relentlessly. Our director is a India Book of Records holder and a success-full entrepreneur her story in itself is the definition of stubborn. Our team is  enthusiastic & passionate to make a change in the world . So share your stories and we promise to make your story heard world wide.

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Every one has their own story but if you think that you are the one who never gave up and faced every challenge with every breath then we would love to hear your story. Use our platform to give a stage to your story, someone may get a life lesson from your tale, so share your story & Click on the link

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